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Isn't it strange... [Jun. 26th, 2003|02:10 am]
[mood |numbnumb]
[music |click, click...]

how things seem to turn out? OH well. Lets see what is going on in my seemingly, never to end, strange, sarcastic, and beautiful life. More mall shopping. More pictures and fun. Barbells, shirt, picture holder, ice cream, nighties, thongs, shirt for b/f, and a cute little box w/ a bow? Lovely. 2:15... Not so sure what I'm thinking so I'll just write whatever happens to come to mind. This probably will not make much sense but... Just watched a movie. Based on a true story. Called b/f, too busy to talk to me. Mom sees me, mom yells, then yells some more. Time for bed. Not sleepy anymore. Little kisses. Wondering. Bitch. Go away forever. Congratulations sweetie! "I feel like a woman.." <songs. Love em'! Hate em'! Messy. String. Jerk. Screwed. Candy...powdery. Tears...no. Cry. Money. Happy. Today...exs. 12...11...and counting. Ooo..pretty. Shiney. Yawn, I feel strange. White teefies. Manicured nails. Pedicured toes. Scrunched hair. Tanned skin. Back straight. Make-up. High heels. Stylish. Not happy? I dunno. Relax...relaxing.